Ashe County - Blue Ridge Mountains

“How’s the weather” is often used as a conversation starter. Here in the High Country of North Carolina, the answer to this question can vary during the day. The mountains of northwest North Carolina experience all seasons. We are one of the few places that enjoys spring, summer, fall and winter. BestPlaces Comfort Index for Ashe County is 7.2 out of 10 making it one of the most comfortable places to live in North Carolina.


In West Jefferson and Ashe County a few feet of elevation can make a big difference!!. February is the snowiest month of the year with an expectation of several snows in the 6-inch range. February’s crisp air and GREAT AIR QUALITY makes Ashe County THE PLACE to live. The air quality index consistently ranks Ashe superior to many areas in North Carolina! Ozone levels are under the state average. The winter months are just enough to give one a taste of snow without the several feet events of our northern neighbors.

Snow on the Blue Ridge Parkway



Spring begins arriving shortly after mid-April. In Ashe County, we look forward to April 15th as the unofficial beginning of spring. Nature awakens from its winter sleep and you can watch the leaves creep upward toward the higher elevations of Mt. Jefferson and other peaks. Spring temps rise in the 50’s and 60’s making a comfortable time for OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Locals look forward to the first Saturday of April as beginning of Trout Season with people of all ages flocking to the streams often braving the last winter flurry!



Summer in Ashe County brings some of the most pleasant months. Overall, there are five wonderful months with temperatures in the range of 70-85 AND LOW HUMIDITY. Rarely does the high get toward 90. The average high temperature is 80.9°, making Ashe County one of THE COOLEST PLACES IN NORTH CAROLINA. The nights are comfortable with no mosquitos to hinder evening activities.

Summer on the New River in Ashe County NC



As the evenings become shorter, summer yields to fall and mother nature marches down from her mountaintop summit with a COLORFUL DISPLAY. The days stay warm in West Jefferson up through November with outdoor activities such as golfing being enjoyed up until December. Temperature wise, the fall months are similar to springs but for many, Fall is the favorite time of the year as it combines a taste of cool mountain air with the enjoyable warm, sunny days.

Fall on Rough Ridge Overlook



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