Trout Season in Ashe County

Looking forward to trout season this year? Good news–the wet summer/fall last year and snowy winter helps keep the water levels in the rivers and streams good for much of the fishing season.  The traditional opening day of trout season is on the first Saturday in April.  This is just two short weeks after the official end of winter.  The start of the new season can be a challenge with a cold day followed by a beautiful blue sky and warmer temperatures –a great day to fish!!

Ashe County Fishing Map

Now is the time to get ready for opening day –here’s how.

Before opening day, now  is a good time to inventory your fly boxes and purge the never used or slighty used flies collected over previous seasons.  The inventory should also include time to check the condition of your favorite flies. Are some beyond repair? IF so throw them out.  A dry fly mashed from wet storage can be revived by holding them over a steaming tea kettle allowing the steam to freshen them for many more fishing trips.

Use an unscented detergent to wash your vest. This could keep mosquitoes from being attracted to you and keep your fishing buddies happier.

Check your fishing reels to keep them running smoothly.  These can be cleaned by washing them with dish detergent and warm water.  Apply some dashboard cleaner to restore the slick surface for just pennies.

Check your waders for leaks which may be new or left from last year’s trips.

Keep in mind streams designated Wild Trout are open year -round but are limited to single hook, artificial lures only. Four trout can be kept on these streams with a minimum size of seven inches. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission passed a new rule that no scented baits can be used on streams designatied single hook, artificial lures.

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